Young People fundraising for local homeless charity

8th January 2020

A group of 16 Romani Gypsy students from the City Academy spent last term working towards an event to raise money for 16:25ip, a homeless charity supporting young people in Bristol. The group picked this charity as they had noticed a big increase in homelessness in their local community and wanted to make a change. They spent hours of their time planning, making items to sell, designing posters and taking photos for their event, an art exhibition highlighting Romani culture as well as looking at homelessness in Bristol.

Staff from 16:25ip came along to the sessions to meet the young people and worked with the group to understand the barriers to homeless young people in Bristol and also what the service offers to support their cohort. It was really nice to see them engaging with the organisation that they had picked to support.

This was the first project of its type that many of the young people involved had been a part of and thanks to the partnership between the City Academy, LPW and Jordan Maynard, it was a resounding success!

One of the young people summed up how it felt to be a part of the project really nicely. ‘As Roma young people we don’t really get listened to and everyone just thinks that we are bad or naughty. It felt nice to do something to help people who are homeless and to show other people  that we are good too’.

A special thanks to Jordan Maynard, who without this, the project could not have happened, Carrie-Ann Palmer and Aisha Thomas from the City Academy who have been invaluable in supporting our engagement at the school, to Iris and the team at Easton Community Centre who gave the young people the space in the hall out of good will and go above and beyond to ensure that the Romani young people in the area feel included and to Allan Kendall who volunteered his time to photograph the event.

Joe Secrett, LPW Service Lead