Yate Youth Blog!! – St Nix Sleepover!

9th October 2019

“We want a sleepover” “Can we have a sleepover at the centre?” “Can we do an overnighter at St Nix?”  For years we have had these questions at our youth sessions at St Nix Youth Club and for everytime the question was asked we had the answer – “Unfortunately we can’t” and this spring when we were planning our summer trips we had the same question “We don’t want to do a trip, can we have a sleepover instead?” The difference this time was our reply – “Let us see if we can do this now we are LPW” and then the question- “It’s happening! When do you want to do it?”

Then came the plans, it quickly became apparent that what they had been asking for for all those years was not what they wanted, sleep was not on the agenda! Hide and seek in the dark, takeaway, bacon sandwiches, games, there was no time for sleep in their plans!

With permission given from the church and a few rules laid out in advance (we didn’t want to upset our neighbours) we got to planning and shopping. We had a few surprises planned ourselves, such as an indoor camp out, complete with tents and a campfire and the night started to come together.

The date crept up and all of a sudden we realised we had a diary clash- The Chipping Sodbury MOP Fair, an event that all the young people in Yate look forward – Would they still want to come? Would they say they want to come still and not turn up? Was the MOP more exciting than a youth club and a bunch of youth workers all night? We were really surprised to find our group still wanted to come – a testament to the relationship we have and the work we do in our sessions. They asked if we could pick them up from the MOP so we had a plan!

The night arrived and me, Bex and Tobias picked up the group, the excitement was contagious. After being adamant they would spend the night in the chill and tv room because the ballet room would be cold and boring, they came in, saw the camp I had set up in the ballet room and claimed their spots! The night went amazing and our group respected all our rules and boundaries, we ordered so many pizzas that Bex disappeared completely behind boxes when she carried them in, we threw eggs (and cleaned them up) played games and found some amazing hiding places in the dark, we watched TV, movies and played on consoles, the one thing we didn’t do was sleep (except Tobias- and he paid the price with an eyeliner unibrow).

The group loved it and asked if we would do another, there is just one thing I would change and that is the name, we didn’t have a sleepover – we had the first St Nix Stay Awake! So thanks to LPW for letting us do this finally, the church for letting us stay the night, to Bex and Tobias (and me!) for working and the young people for making it a huge success!!!

Jamie-Leigh, Lead Engagement Worker
South Glos