Working with young Roma, the police and a football

31st October 2017

The documentary is called “The Decider: A Story of The Police, Roma And Football”. Full of striking images and challenging commentary, the film, produced by RIFE, charts Roma students from City Academy talking about their experiences of moving from Romania to Bristol, the racism they’ve faced, their encounters with the police, their determination to keep their traditions alive and their hopes for the future.

“I would never want a person to go through what I and my family went through.”
“Because we’re Gypsy, they look at us as a bad person.”
“To us, family is everything, we keep our traditions.”

LPW helped mentor and support some of the Roma students during the filming process after building rapport with them through the work we’ve delivered across Bristol. 20 young Roma people were involved in total, in front of and behind the camera.