Vision, Mission and Values

The LPW Vision

LPW is here to transform the lives of children and young people through exceptional play activities, support and education.

We help them realise how the strengths, skills and knowledge they already have can offer them exciting opportunities.

The LPW Mission

LPW delivers services where the biggest differences to people and communities can be made. We focus our efforts where they are most needed and where we can make the most impact.

Our Values


Developing people and helping them realise their potential
Visionary, forward thinking, outcome focused and dedicated to our financial sustainability and organisational growth
Aiming to be the best in our sector and in our individual roles


We support children and young people to develop their full potential
LPW provides positive role models and a positive environment to enable people to grow and flourish
We reflect on and learn from experiences


We do what we say we will do
We are motivated by the work we do, developing our talents and individual expertise
LPW is committed to quality and safe working practices
We are respected for our professionalism and excellence


We actively promote a positive working culture to make LPW a great place to work
LPW is enterprising and encourages new thinking and ideas
We strive to make everyone’s experience fun
We are about each other and the people we support


We respect ourselves, each other and everyone we work with
LPW treats everyone equally while respecting their differences and individuality
We give everyone a fair chance to build a successful, balanced life
LPW works as a team, collaborating to achieve a common goal

“We would not have been able to cope if it had not been for our Engagement Worker. We were in a very bad place when he came to us and he has given us more help and support than any other professional we have dealt with.” (Parent, Lawrence Weston)