Our Approach

All our work is designed in collaboration with the children and young people themselves, and working with local communities.

We encourage new thinking and ideas, underpinned by a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill.

We are governed by three main guiding principles:

The Trusted Adult Model

  • we provide children and young people with trusted adults, supporting them through the difficult periods in their lives, giving them someone they can believe in, someone to listen to them and be there for them when they need help the most

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • an approach based on exploiting the strengths and resources individual children and young people already have, so they can concentrate on finding solutions rather than fixing problems


  • discussing and agreeing with children and young people the sessions or activities they’re going to join, whether one-to-one, or groupwork

Underpinned by these principles, we engage children and young people, identifying those most at need and working with them individually or in small groups.

We work to solve a variety of different issues, ranging from support with family matters, problems with friends, support during transition (i.e. primary to secondary, secondary to post-16), counselling to improve behaviour, peer mentoring, offering learning opportunities and young people involvement.

We engage them with stimulating, challenging and enjoyable activities and sessions, from sports, play and events, to arts and crafts workshops, trips away and groups devoted to particular needs or issues, like learning difficulties or disability, LGBTQ+, Gypsy and Roma communities, or young people worried about drugs or gangs.

“I think the people who have been working with my daughter are doing a great job. She seems a lot happier in herself, more confident and outgoing. Now she also seems to want to do more activities with her peers which she never wanted to do. I think LPW is a tremendous asset to the community. Keep up the good work, you all deserve medals.” (Parent, Horfield) 

Here is how we support children and young people