Supporting diversity at school

22nd January 2018

During the delivery of a weekly LPW identity group for BAME year 10 students at Colston Girls School, concerns were raised around a lack of cultural understanding.

This had become a barrier between teachers and students, and along with LPW Engagement Worker Aishah Shakoor, it was agreed training for staff was essential to tackle the problem effctively. Aishah created a ‘You, Me and Diversity’ workshop, using tools and information she’d assembled during the weekly identity group sessions. This was delivered to more than 60 staff at the school.

It was designed to empower staff to recognise and support the direct needs of BAME students, helping create a stronger sense of belonging for them within the school. Staff were presented with a variety of training tools, including voice tapes of BAME young people and letters describing their experiences and the barriers they face.

“It was the most real workshop I have ever attended. A real eye-opener.”
“The student voices and letters were a really powerful tool.”