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  • £5 Art and drawing can help a child to explain feeling and emotions they have experienced through trauma and neglect. £5 could pay for pens and paper for children to use to express themselves.
  • £20 some of the young people we help know that their families struggle to afford a winter coat, toiletries or suitable footwear for them. Just £20 will help us to buy basic everyday items young people we help need.
  • £80. Problems at home become are so difficult for some children that they can’t make friends, concentrate in school or live a normal childhood. £80 will pay for 2 hours 1-1 help for a child struggling.

  • £250 some of the children and young people we work with do not have support in place to provide them essential items like shoes, coats or clothes and toiletries- we do this for them.
  • £500 vulnerable children and young people frequently miss out on learning vital life skills like team work, communication and resilience. £500 could provide 12 weeks of support to help learn these skills.
  • £1,000 knowing who to talk to can be hard for children that become isolated. We help hundreds of vulnerable children talk about their problems, giving them help that they desperately need. £1,000 will keep LOTTY, our online live anonymous chat service open for 1 week.
  • £3,000 Most of the young people we work with miss out on basic life skills like how to manage challenges or conflict, how to communicate, respect one another or how to cope in unexpected situations. Experiences like building dens, rafting, lighting fires and cooking outside can help young people learn these skills. £3,000 will pay for 15 disadvantaged young people to take part in a Programme that will give them new skills, improve confidence and learn how to manage everyday situations.

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