Gift in kind

We want to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to live, laugh and learn. While education is crucial, learning life skills outside of the classroom is equally so!

Can you provide…

  • A ‘what it’s like to work here’ experience in your workplace for an hour or longer?
  • Work experience placement?
  • A ‘learning experience?’ From free-entry into an attraction to a master class in knitting, cake decorating or lampshade making- whatever the ‘experience’ you can offer it may be something that the children and young people we work with wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.
  • Resources children and young people can be creative with. Young minds are full of imagination- your simple donated cardboard box is really a rocket to the moon!

If you can provide any of the above or any variation of, please get in touch. Your skills, time and opportunity may be a once in a lifetime opportunity some for the children and young people we help.