Charity of the year

‘Charity of the year’ is a concept that will sound familiar to most companies or workplaces. If your company is able to take a more liberal approach why not choose LPW as your ‘CIC of the year’. While we may not be a charity, our work is all not-for-profit and your staff can reap the reward of knowing their time, effort and fundraising is helping some of our communities most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people.

Support in kind- If adopting us as you ‘CIC of the year’ is too much of a commitment but you’d still like to support children and young people in Bristol why not support us by providing your staff’s skills for free.

Big thanks to the following organisations that have helped us this year:

FatMedia: The team at FatMedia provided their time, experience and skill to help create a short video about LOTTY, our online, live chat service for children and young people.

The video is now use to promote the help line to children and young people across Bristol, sharing information about the service and how to access support.

Fat Media is a full service digital marketing agency and employs 100 people nationally across its London, Bristol and Lancaster offices.

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