Staff from Wessex Water visit Teyfant Road Adventure Playground

7th October 2020

After this springs Lockdown and social isolation, our up and coming adventure play ground in south Bristol was a critical space for children and families this summer to reconnect with friends and enjoy the freedom of play in open spaces.

In the nick of time, we were pleased to complete our largest play structure just as the summer holidays started and we all had slightly less social restriction in place.

Wessex Water were a key partner in making this happen for us and preparing the site for the building work that took place.

During lockdown they had a team of apprentices that wanted to be active and work as best they could under the circumstances.

We were able to offer them the opportunity of volunteering and, with some careful social distancing planning, they seized the opportunity and were an invaluable help to us in preparing the site and laying foundations for both the new structure and to get the playground ready to reopen after lockdown.

Darren Gregory, spokesperson at Wessex Water said “We were so pleased to be able to help such a worthwhile cause. We understand that this is the first ever adventure playground in south Bristol and to be able to deploy our apprentices to assist and take part in such a rewarding task was a pleasure.”

“This year has been difficult for us all and I’m sure it has been even harder for families with young children that haven’t been able to go out and burn off energy that we all know children have an abundance of” he continues

“Our preparation work helped to get the site ready for the building work and we’ve come today to have a look at the playground and see the new play structure.”

Running an adventure playground takes a significant amount of ongoing maintenance plus we hope to continue to add new play structures. We welcome the support of any large or small businesses that are passionate about supporting community projects like ours.

From donating one off volunteer hours, to regular or ongoing voluntary support; signing up to a team experience days and building some of the structures, to donating materials to assist with the site development; or making a financial donation towards building the site or funding the weekly sessions LPW run- there are lots of ways local organisations can support this project. Please do get in touch if you can help us continue to improve the adventure playground.