Silenced but not Silent

14th May 2018

LPW has been running a programme at Colston Girls School to help create a greater sense of belonging in the school for young pupils from BAME backgrounds. LPW Engagement Worker Aishah Shakoor has been supporting them to fulfill their aspirations, overcome barriers and showcase and share their identity and traditions.

The year 10 students chose ‘Silenced But Not Silent’ as the title for the programme, reflecting their feeling that their stories and identities had not been recognised within the school. They’re recognised now, after two vibrant assembly presentations in front of their schoolmates and teachers, the young women individually and in groups reciting poetry, singing and talking through their experiences to constant applause and cheering.

As we reported earlier, Colston Girls School has brought in LPW to provide training for staff to help them recognise and support the direct needs of BAME students, helping create a stronger sense of belonging for them within the school.

“Best assembly ever, we don’t do much around ethnic students” – Year 11 student

“It was lit” – Year 9

“This work has been really powerful for the students involved” – teacher