School Reengagement Support Packages

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Examples of some of the support we have provided:

1-1 work:

We created a 12 week programme for a student who was at risk of dis-engagement, and struggling to find positive relationships in their local community. Working on a 1 to 1 basis we supported them with numeracy and literacy, which was seen as a barrier to engagement. This young person is now highly engaged, making good academic and social progress.

Small Group work:
We developed an Identity project for young people delivering 2 hours per week over 12 weeks, helping them communicate with professionals about understanding diversity within a mainstream setting, resulting in the production of a toolkit for education professionals to support young people with their identity.

KS3 Revolving door:
We have provided a 6 week off site full time education provision and support for young people to re-engage in mainstream education. Working with young people, their parents and the school to enable a young person to transition successfully back into their mainstream setting. Attendance and engagement have progressed resulting in academic and social outcomes improving back in the mainstream school.

Forest School:
We ran a 6 week half day forest school provision in a south Bristol primary school targeting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties; accessing the outdoor environment supported an improvement in attendance and attainment at the school. School staff have reported children’s improved behaviour within the classroom and ability to self-regulate.

There are many more examples of our work to engage within young people positively that we would be happy to share with you.

To enquire or make a referral please click here for more information