How we work

A student centre approach

We believe young people’s educational journeys from early childhood to young adulthood need a student-centred approach. Embedded in our Schools Reengagement Packages and teaching at our LPW Independent School, are three equally valued and interrelated components to children and young people’s education:

  • Relevant academic excellence and standards;
  • The personal and social development of young people;
  • The professional care and intervention needed to support young people to be successful at schools.

Building resilience

Across everything we do, we build resilience, personal confidence, a positive sense of self and well-being in children and young people. Where we provide educational support, we firmly believe this is not just an incidental outcome, but as a key part of the educational process.

We recognise that every conversation, intervention, exchange, every day, every week, by every member of staff or Engagement Worker, needs to leave our young people with more self-knowledge, more self-esteem and with an understanding about how to live in their school community.

We aim to give all children and young people a positive experience of themselves and community they can take into their young adult lives.