Creating a new adventure playground in South Bristol

3rd May 2019

LPW are proud to be creating a brand new adventure playground in South Bristol. With thanks to the Co-Op Foundation children and young people have begun by creating friendship benches, planters and digging out a fire pit.

We are now appealing for local businesses to come forwards to support us build a brand the adventure playground in south Bristol, and help create a safe, supportive outdoor play space that is openly accessible to children, young people, families and the community.

Play is critical to supporting children’s personal development, growth, emotional and physical health and well-being. Though play, children and young people learn new skills, explore the world they live within, make new friends, learn how to problem solve or to manage day to day challenges, how to take risks and much, much more.

“We are building the first Adventure Playground in south Bristol for years” begins Alexis Woodward, LPW Business Development Manager.

Alexis adds, “Urbanisation, less green space, and parks falling into disrepair mean opportunities for learning through play are diminishing.”

“Working with children, young people and the community we want to provide a play space that will provide positive, engaging activities and somewhere additional help or support can be accessed” Said, Alexis.

 “Bristol is the major city of the South-West region. It’s known for its social, economic and cultural diversity. Ranked as one of the most inspirational cities and rated highly as an exciting and vibrant city to live, study or work.”

She adds “There are a huge amount of small, medium and large businesses, firms and corporates in Bristol that are as equally passionate about the city as we are, many of whom want to get involved and are committed to supporting the communities in which we all live and work” continues Alexis.

“We want to appeal to these organisations to help.” 

From donating one off volunteer hours, to regular or ongoing voluntary support; signing up to a team experience days and building some of the structures, to donating materials to assist with the site development; or making a financial donation towards building the site or funding the weekly sessions LPW run- there are lots of ways local organisations can support this project.

“We are building this new adventure playground on an empty space that had fallen into disrepair. It will cost us at least £50,000 a year to keep the playground open without the cost of building it. It’s a huge project and we can’t do it alone!”

“We already have one local company signed up to help build a fire pit, seating area and a swing in June who can’t wait to spend the day building the structures under Splash Community Project’s guidance. A local club also made a donation of £1,200 towards the project and we’ve had timber and fixings donated for these structures. But there is still so much to do, to continue to build the adventure playground and need more companies to sign up to make this possible!” Ends Alexis.

To enquire about volunteering, sign up to help LPW build the structures through team experience days, donate materials,  make a donation or fundraise for the new playground please contact Alexis Woodward, Business Development Manager, LPW 0117 907 4404 / 07917 556610 /

Thanks to the Co-op Foundation we built some planters and benches with the kids that attend the session… check out our video