Youth work

We know that the needs, challenges and issues that young people face constantly change and that no two young people are the same.

By taking time to listen to children and young people we develop specialist projects that are locally responsive and ensure that the right member of our specialist team works with the right groups or individual children and young people we support.

Play sessions and youth sessions in Bristol and South Gloucestershire can be found us by clicking on the links above.

Examples of our youth work include:

Losing Knives, Changing Lives

Our Community Engagement Workers and partners, including local schools, Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Avon & Somerset Police, have identified a shift in community dynamics, specifically around children and young people’s attitudes and behaviour towards violence, knife crime and gang culture. Fuelled by incidents that take place in London and Birmingham, violent videos posted on social media, video games and music- gun, knife crime and violence has become glamorised and has desensitised young people.  As a consequence some areas of the City are seeing rising incidents of knife crime and gang cultures.  We are working hard to support both the community and young people in a planned programme of targeted anti-knife crime engagement work.

Young men’s project

The young men’s project delivered in St Pauls, is a safe space for 13-17 year olds., to discuss issues affecting them or celebrate their weekly successes. The sessions aim to:

  • Help build confidence and aspirations;
  • Enable them to stay safe in the community;
  • How to budget and manage their money;
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to support education and future career aspirations;
  • How to cook- many of the young men this project will support don’t have parents that are actively engaged in their wellbeing.

Girls group

Our girl group sessions empowers young women to achieve their ambitions, it focuses on topical discussions such as what it means to be a female growing up in Britain and their community.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Our ASB work focuses on areas where there is high levels of ASB, working in partnership with local police, the council and other organisations we provide a youth work approach to engage young people and help them understand the impacts of ASB, the perceptions it gives and how to engage positively within the community. We also work with the community to help them understand ASB. As an example, we have regenerated a dis-used old school site in South Bristol, and have worked hard to transform this into an Adventure Playground for children and young people. What was once a wasted area, is now a safe space for children and young people to play, enjoy themselves and learn new skills after school and during the school holidays.

Inclusion sessions

In partnership with WECIL, we provide sessions for young people with learning disabilities and difficulties in Bedminster and Southmead.