Youth sessions: South Gloucestershire

A place to meet and participate in a variety of activities including cooking, pool, sports and gaming. Come along, meet, chat, chill and get involved.

We also offer sexual health drop ins in South Gloucestershire. For more information click here.
Instagram- @yateyouth

Youth office number: Tel: 01454 868998
Mobile: 07771 834 850

Venue: Brimsham Youth Wing, Broad Lane, Yate, BS37 7LB

Monday 7-9pm: Year 9+
Tuesday 7-9pm: Year 8
Wednesday 7-9pm: LDD Sparkle Wednesday- inclusive youth club for young people up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities.
Thursday 7-9pm: Year 7

Venue: St Nix Youth Centre, Chargrove, Yate, BS37 4LG

Tuesday 7-9pm: Open Access
Friday 7-9pm: Open Access

The Urbie: Mobile youth vehicle
Mon 3-5pm: Outreach
Wed 6-9pm: Detached in Yate
Thurs 3-5pm: Outreach
Fri 6-9pm: Detached in Yate

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