Youth sessions: South Gloucestershire

Venue: Brimsham Youth Wing, Broad Lane, Yate, BS37 7LB
Tel: 01454 868998 email:

Monday 7-9pm: Year 9+
Tuesday 7-9pm: Year 8
Wednesday 7-9pm: LDD Bridging Group
Thursday 7-9pm: Year 7

Venue: St Nix Youth Centre, Chargrove, Yate, BS37 4LG

Tuesday 7-9pm: Open Access
Friday 7-9pm: Open Access

The Urbie: Mobile youth vehicle

Mon 3-5pm: Outreach in Wick
Wed 6-9pm: Detached in Yate
Thurs 3-5pm: Outreach in Marshfield
Fri 6-9pm: Detached in Yate

11-25 yr olds
Anonymous text service for young people 07786202040
Lotty Aims to connect young people to services in their area and provide information advice and guidance