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This site aims to achieve overall compliance with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative’s (WCAG 2.0) guidelines.

Navigation Keys

This website has been built to allow easy access using either the keyboard or mouse. Keyboard commands are as follows:

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Text Size

You can change the font size via your web browser’s menu:

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Document Viewing

Documents stored on this website are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Word Document Format (DOC). These formats can be viewed using the following free software:

PDF: Adobe Reader

DOC: Word viewer 

W3C – Validation

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Style sheets conforming to valid CSS2.1 are used throughout this web site for visual layout and formatting where possible.

The web site continues to function correctly if style sheets are turned off, or client side scripting languages such as JavaScript, are not available.

The web site conforms to W3C WCAG v2.0 guidelines for web site accessibility, Priority Level 2 (AA) where possible.