Teyfant Road Adventure playground

We are proud to be mid-way through developing previously unkempt and disused site in South Bristol, transforming it into a play area for children, young people and the community to enjoy. The play work on creating play structures started this summer as work hard building the first Adventure play ground in South Bristol for 30 Years!

Play helps children and young people to thrive and it’s fundamentally crucial to their development. Not only does it provide improved health benefits through being physically active and mobile, it also supports children’s early development. They learn to explore, make friends, develop their social skills, learn how to use their imaginations, take appropriate risks, build confidence, problems solve and enjoy themselves, not least it’s a great outlet for all that energy.

Adventure playgrounds are specific types of playground for children and can take many forms, ranging from “natural playgrounds” to “junk playgrounds” and, typically defined by an ethos of unrestricted play, in the presence of playworkers, and the absence of adult-manufactured or rigid play-structures.

Losing knives, changing lives

Losing Knives, Changing Lives is a unique project where we build strong and trusted relationships with children and young people. Education is key, though our approach recognises that this cannot happen in isolation. We will work with young people over a prolonged period of time to understand entrenched issues that support why young people feel the need to carry weapons and engage in gang and or violent behaviour in the first instance.

We challenge perception around what has fast become a destructive and negative social norm, and will provide specialist support, information and guidance to vulnerable children and young people through schools and community work. We help to prevent, protect and educate children and young people, breaking a negative cycle and the peer pressure that has evolved around carrying knives, violence and gang activity before it becomes so entrenched.