Our history and experience

LPW has existed for over 20 years, supporting children and young people into positive futures.

LPW has a strong history rooted in the West of England and particularly Bristol. We specialise in working with children and young people who are the very furthest from accessing opportunities. Through our LPW School, community and engagement work our dedicated team work relentlessly to ensure that no child or young person is left without help, and have developed a positive reputation for delivery and partnerships to ensure we achieve this.

We have evolved and have become a different organisation to the one that was shaped 20 years ago by local authorities.  We always have, and always will, dedicate our efforts to children and young people, and we continue to ensure our community and education focused culture meets their needs. We embrace innovation, and have the freedom and flexibility to be creative, holistic and supportive in our approach to helping some of our communities’ most vulnerable children and young people.